Friday, August 16, 2013

Attitude & Book Publicity


In order to succeed at PR, you need to have the right attitude. Optimism is a must. Persistence, too. You need a nothing-to-lose attitude. You have little to risk in promoting your book – but you risk a lot by not. If you want a shot at getting beyond obscurity, you will be a promoter.

You need to be willing to invest your time and money – and to make a mental commitment to PR.  When you display confidence, others believe in and like you. When you act with energy and enthusiasm, people gravitate towards you. When you express something with conviction, people begin to believe in you.

You will sell yourself, not the book. You will sell a story, not the book.  You will sell a benefit, not a feature.  Be positive and pro-active – know that you can do this.

That said, be prepared for rejection – writers know something about that. Expect to be ignored at least 75% of the time you call or email the media. And of the remaining 25%, expect to be declined 85% of the time. But you are looking for a handful of people to say yes.

Don’t worry about who says no. Build on your successes.

Even a bad review could have a good pull quote.

Be of the belief that no publicity is bad publicity.

You may think an interview went poorly, but you are not objective. You are too close to it – maybe it was not so bad.

Do not let ego lead you into thinking you don’t need to be helpful, involved, or assertive – roll up your sleeves. Don’t let your past record -- good or bad – determine your efforts now. Don’t allow what you hear from other authors to taint or deter you. Don’t be jealous of others or think everyone has a hit but you. And don’t think that no one ever breaks through. You must think big and dream and to go beyond your reach. And you must think small and go after what’s reachable.

Set clear objectives for yourself and identify reasonable goals. It is okay to have a wish list, but don’t hold yourself to it.

You need brains, resources, hard work, timing – and luck – which comes from all the other things and a never-give-up, can-do spirit. That said, know when to pack it in or consider re-tooling and re-launching your book. Or make time to move on to your next book.

Whatever you do, try to enjoy the process. Being a writer is special and seeing your book talked about is like no other feeling.
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