Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Go To Wherever Books Aren’t Sold

It seems like books are sold everywhere -- not just in bookstores-" -- but in logical places, such as:

·         Supermarkets
·         Airports
·         Schools
·         Churches
·         Gift Shops

Plus, books are available everywhere, all the time, online. But what if books were sold at these places as well.

Starbucks/ Dunkin Donuts--People already camp out there with gadgets and reading materials, so why not sell stuff to them?

Barbershops/ Hair Salons-- Who needs magazines when you can buy a book and read it while getting your hair done?

Police Station-- While waiting to be booked or make bail, why not read a book? When your parents and friends are waiting for you to be released, shouldn’t they enjoy a good book? Just not a crime caper!

Bus Stops-- Why not put a kiosk by the stop and allow people to buy a book as if getting a soda from a vending machine?

Public Restrooms-- This might make bathroom lines longer, but how about selling some quality reads when you need to make a No. 2?

All Government Agencies-- They have long lines and waiting rooms, so why not catch up on some reading?

Medical Marijuana Clinics-- Whatever one reads there will surely be enjoyed!

Funeral Homes-- When you have time to kill and can’t listen to another eulogy that barely resembles the person being buried, dig deeper and enjoy a good read.

Post Office-- Why not sell books on the hobby of stamp collecting or related books on coins, history, etc.?

McDonald’s-- Instead of eating alone, curl up with a good book, but watch that your greasy hands don’t stain the pages.

Construction Sites-- This is a no-brainer. When the hardhats need a break from taking a break, let them read. It’s hard standing around and faking looking busy. If you read, you look serious.

What’s needed for books to be sold beyond the normal channels of delivery? Demand and opportunity.

I see so many places where crowds gather that books could be sold. Publishers will need to get creative on finding more outlets to peddle their wares. Maybe they can sell books at garage sales, since people are already gathering to buy useless stuff my way.

Some places just wouldn’t be conducive for book sales, such as:

Gentlemen’s Clubs -- We can’t have books distract us from what’s on stage -- that would be rude.

Dance Clubs -- Too dark and noisy to see or think.

Bars -- You’ll be seeing double before the night is over.

Divorce Court -- Reading gets in the way of yelling.

Air Control Towers -- Can’t have these people take their eyes off the radar.

ER-- Although the waiting room would be a good place to sell books, people in pain or bleeding all over the place would not make reading the pleasurable experience that it is.

Wherever books are sold is fine by me. Every time a book is sold, the world’s a little better for it can be.

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