Sunday, September 8, 2013

Honor Thy Writer

If you wrote 1,000 words per day, for two months straight, you’d have typed about 60,000 words -- enough for a book. If you took another three months to read, revise, and edit it, you’d have four books and done in a calendar year. Some writers are as prolific as this.

Do it for a decade and you’d have 40 books. If each one nets you $10,000, you’d have $400,000.Or; maybe one makes it big, and brings you $100,000 -- or even more. So, maybe you can make an average of $50,000 per year from writing books.

Unless you have a full time job or a spouse making decent coinage, it’s tough to make a living off of words. But, millions of writers hack away in hopes of making a breakthrough.


·         Because they love to write.
·         Because they are wildly optimistic.
·         Because they are desperate and have no choice.

The American Dream is embodied in the struggling writer, for he or she has hope, an idea, and a passion -- and little else. The writer believes he or she can create something original, beautiful, and important. Call it ego or just wishful thinking, but want to be authors are driven to push ahead.

There should be an honorary day for writers -- not just one for books or literacy. Just for writers, published and unpublished. They make many sacrifices along the road to string along a sequence of words that may just change a reader’s life. We should honor the writer’s life and the writing process.

We often pay homage to a great writer, such as Shakespeare, but we don’t seem to publicly and demonstratively applaud the courage, energy, time, creativity, and passion of those who dare to put their ideas, feelings, experiences, visions, and desires into a digestible form for all to see.

It takes discipline and mental toughness to be a prolific writer. You have to block out a lot of noise, some of which comes from within the writer to compete for his or her creative soul.

Most writers enjoy what they do, can’t see themselves doing anything else, and find the writing experience as natural as eating or sleeping. They have a deep, insatiable hunger that can’t fully be met no matter how many pen and key strokes they make.

The world’s story is still untold and unknown. Each writer wants to fill a piece of the puzzle but the void is vast.

Writers are pioneers and explorers. They map the future, record history, and simultaneously attempt to capture and reflect reality while examining what could, should, and will be.

Writers deserve a day in their honor for giving so many of us a lifetime of real and imagined experiences. Who is ready to celebrate?

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