Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How Fast Is Your Book Publishing Marathon?

 There was a story in the news recently about the land rover that landed on Mars ten years ago, and is still going strong. Scientists only hoped and planned for it to last six months before the elements or mechanical failure would doom it from sending back useful data. But there it is, a decade later, and NASA finds the images and recordings it’s receiving from Mars to be amazing. However, this rover only went the distance equal to a marathon – about twenty-five miles – after nearly 3,700 days on the red planet. It got me to thinking how each writer endures his or her own marathon to get a book published, promoted, and purchased. It puts a new perspective on time.

Many of us try to sprint to an imaginary, self-declared finish line. We look to define and achieve success – and then raise the bar higher, repeat the process, and… repeat again. Writers look to break through their mind clutter and inertia and get that first book launched. Once that’s done, the floodgates have been lifted and usually the next book comes easier and faster.

But the rover on Mars should serve as a lesson to us. Sometimes, it takes a long time to get what is needed – but it can be done. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep writing and trying, even when you struggle to meet the expectation of yourself or others. You may just land on Mars!

Early End To Late Night Leno Career?

Jay Leno has been the late-night ratings king for most of the past 22 years. When he signed off on the eve of the Olympics, he concluded a 67-week romp in which he won the late night ratings race against Letterman, Kimmel, Conan, etc. in each and every week. Hard to believe you get fired for being the best.

But NBC, in its second attempt to plan for the future when a younger host would presumably score better with the coveted young viewer demographics, ousted its top-rated comedian in favor of Jimmy Fallon. Several years ago it was Conan. Who will it be in a year or two?

Age discrimination? Cutthroat Hollywood at its lowest? Bad choices based on bad estimates? Could be.

Or maybe it was time for Leno to go. The format is stale, isn’t it? Who can stay up that late to hear a predictable monologue, followed by a predictable actress marketing her new film, followed by some dumb chatter with the band leader?

On the other hand, we may just miss The Chin. He bridged us from the Johnny Carson era, in a time in TV and in this country that seemingly is so different from our tech-driven world of distraction, where the individual user is the star and not the media talent. Maybe Fallon can just exchange tweets with fans on TV and call it a night?


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