Thursday, February 27, 2014

Working Your Own Book PR Miracle

I can’t tell you how often I hear authors telling me they tried everything and don’t believe that anything they do will make their book sell. The truth is, they only tried a fraction of what could be done – and they only experimented with these things briefly. That’s not the way to go.

Though it’s true that some books will never really take off, due to any number of factors, including a bad book, bad reviews, lack of distribution channels, high price, ugly cover, terrible title, no marketing, no PR – many books can improve their sales with some smart effort to promote and market them.

No one holds the miracle cure to turn a book into a must-read, but there are many proven methods that take time, money, luck, efforts, and good word-of-mouth to come through.

If your book isn’t selling well, think about the following:

1.      What are you doing, on a daily basis, to push sales?
2.      Have you given out enough free copies to get positive testimonials and good word-of-mouth going?
3.      Are you active – and effective – with your social media? Are you on all platforms – and really doing all that you can to increase your connections and spread the word about your book?
4.      Are you – or someone you hire – pitching the news media?
5.      What are your competitors doing that you are not – and what can you do that they can’t or choose not to do?

I believe that many authors try things and fail; but the answer is not to give up – unless you no longer believe your book is any good. If you don’t believe in your book, no one will.

When selling a book you need to set goals. How many do you hope to sell today? How much of your resources will be required to sell that many? Start to figure out what it really takes to sell books. Hoping and demanding sales happen won’t cut it. 


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