Friday, February 7, 2014

Think Beyond The Book Industry To Discover Ways To Write, Promote & Sell Your Book

If you want to know about the trends in book publishing, such as which books are selling well, what industry experts are preaching, and which genres are surging, you no doubt want to keep up with the book industry by reading any number of publications, blogs, and websites.  Publishers Weekly, New York Times, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today are good at shedding light on the book world.  Many other sites offer useful information –,, shelfari,, reddit,, omnivoracious, etc.  You can also connect with many groups related to some aspect of book publishing on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  But, if you really want new ideas regarding the writing and marketing of books, you need to look elsewhere, and you need to think differently about the information you uncover.

Book marketing benefits from applying the general principles of marketing and the application of things specific to the book world.  You can’t sell a book like one would luxury cruises but you can take certain aspects of the marketing practices of other industries and find a way to apply it, on some scale, to what you seek to do to get your book sold.

The first place to learn of ways to promote and market your book is to look at similar industries – music, movies, television, DVDs, white papers – anything with content.  Read up on those industries and see if there’s a method you can apply to your world.

Second, turn to what seems to be opposite of what you do and see if you can grab a useful idea.  If your content informs and has substance, or entertains and makes us feel good, what could you turn to that is seemingly opposite that?  Selling gadgets, food, hats?  Check into it.

Third, books are relatively inexpensive items.  Look at what sells for big bucks – premium furniture, cars, luxury condos, jewelry, vacation packages.  Can you take the practices of the rich and elite and use them to sell a two-dollar e-book?  Maybe.

Lastly, forget the words publish, promote, and sell for a moment.  Now just let other ideas, facts, theories, or histories come at you.  Going to a museum, a sporting event, even a funeral may spark an idea about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Reading up on the industry is a must but where you’ll really leverage success is from finding ideas outside the book industry, and incorporating them into how you create, promote, and market your book.  Perhaps by reading Playboy, attending the open house to a mansion, walking through a history museum, or waiting online at a grocery store will inform you of a spark-worthy idea that may just help you become successful at being an author.

Good luck.


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