Friday, February 6, 2015

Allison Williams To Replace Brian Williams On NBC Evening News?

Brian Williams, the handsome face of the number-one rated evening newscast on NBC  is under fire for saying his chopper had been under fire when it wasn’t, likely leading him to be fired.  Are you all fired up  about this story?

Who should replace the venerable newsman who had replaced the ever credible Tom Brokaw?  Dan Rather, Larry King, Regis Philbin,and even Brokaw are readily available. Maybe rotate each geezer on a nightly or weekly basis?

How about Allison Williams, Brian’s attractive daughter? She can probably do the news in between takes on the set of her hit television show, Girls. She is well known for her singing talent – can she hum the news? If you want to fight fire with fire, few are hotter than she is.

She can broadcast from Brooklyn, where her fictional character lives on the HBO hit series. It may seem like a story straight out of The Onion, the political satire paper, but why not replace one Williams with another? Your audience would move from the 70-year-old demographic right into the 20-40 year-olds.  And they wouldn’t have to change the name on the dressing room door.

So why did daddy Williams lie about being shot at in Iraq? He says he apologizes for conflating this story. First mistake: why use a word most people don’t understand?  People were just getting used to deflategate and now it’s conflategate.  How do you leave a man in a position of trust, honesty and unbias who can’t reliably remember whether someone actually shot at him or not. I think that is something you should be clear on.  I forget things at time but I haven’t yet woken up thinking someone tried to kill me when they didn’t. Usually one takes medicine for something like that.

Is he suffering from Alzheimer’s or brain damage from an unknown accident? Did he really take a bullet that is now lodged in his brain and confusing him? He might need to get some legal advice from Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, and Anthony Weiner, all important people who were brought down by their lies.

I know Williams likes to deliver the news and not be the subject of it, but right now he appears to be in hot water. Maybe someone can throw him a rescue line – hopefully no one tries to shoot it down.

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