Monday, February 23, 2015

What Is The Profile of American Social Media Users?

Social media consists of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogger and many sites that allow people to share information, post profiles, and connect with one another via different content from blogs, and tweets, to videos and podcasts.  Who is using all of this social media?

According to, 73% of US Internet users accessed social networking sites in 2013 – up from 67% in 2012 and 46% in 2009.  Internationally, the largest annual growth in social media usage came from India, a 39.1% leap from a year earlier.  Indonesia rose 18.9%, Mexico by 15.8%, Brazil 10.1%, China 9.8%, and Russia 8.3%. also says:
·         Women users on Facebook outnumber males, 7 to 6.
·         73% of those aged 30 to 49, who used the Internet, used Facebook.
·         Overall percentage of time spent on Facebook out of all social network time, in the US,, was 33.3% last year.
·         The most-connected age group on Facebook is 18-24 year-olds.  They average 649 friends vs. 277 connections for 35-44-year-olds or 129 for those ages 55-64.

According to
·         77.3% of Americans use the Internet.  Only 26.5% of the rest of the world uses it.
·         In early 2012, California’s 29.8 million Internet users led all states, followed by 17.2 million in Texas, 16.1 million in New York, 14.8 million in Florida, and 10.2 million in Illinois.
·         43% of all Americans used Facebook as of 2010.
·         As a percentage of a state’s population, the five biggest Internet users were, in 2012: New Hampshire (90.1%), 87.8% of NJ, 87.5% of CT, and 86.2% of Massachusetts.

According to Adweek, users aged 25-34 tend to be the biggest group of social networkers.  One in five FB users or 32.1 million people are in this bracket.  22% of Pinterest users, 21.5% of Twitter users, 32.2% of Instagram users and 27% of those on Tumblr fell into the 25-34 demographic.

Adweek predicts that the biggest percentage growth in users of social media will come from those 65 and older.  This age bracket will go to 16.6 million users from 14.6 million in the next year – a 15% jump.

How do some of the social networking sites compare to one another?  In 2015, Adweek estimated the number of American users for the following sites as:

Facebook 156.5 million
Instagram 60.3 million
Twitter 52.9 million
Pinterest 47.6 million
Tumblr 19.1 million


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