Thursday, February 19, 2015

Times Change: How Will You Take Advantage?

Technology has exploded the past 20 years – especially with smartphones, Twitter, blogging, Facebook, Google, etc. Change is a constant force in our world.  2015 will not be more of the same.  New products, improved services, or updated technologies will continue to alter how books are birthed, promoted, sold, and consumed.  Are you ready to capitalize on what’s next?

The other day I heard how New York City’s murder rate has continued to shrink to record lows.  Who would’ve thought, just a quarter-century ago, when NYC was the nation’s murder capital with 2245 murders in 1989, that in 2014 it would only record 327 killings.  The murder rate is less than a sixth of what it used to be. Such a change of drastic proportions shows that whatever is happening now won’t necessarily take place in the near future.

Patterns change and the world changes often.  Some event, technology, policy, or invention comes along and radically alters the landscape.  Book publishing has been disrupted by Amazon, the ebook reader, and the Internet.  It’s changing with technology and society’s needs and habits.  So what’s next for the book world?

Sometimes it amazes me at how much things change.  Look at gas – the price fell 46% in one year!  Look at how Hispanic the nation is getting and at how many more women go to college than men.  The world is moving.

Speaking of movement, look at the road.  The number of miles driven on US roads has doubled in the past 35 years.  But it doesn’t make sense.  We have campaigns for people to use mass transit, biking, or walking to work.  Millions work from home.  Gas prices – before this year – skyrocketed.  And yet we have doubled our mileage.  Here’s why:

·         More women in the workforce
·         More people drive solo than carpool
·         People are willing to live further from work to get cheaper housing but longer commutes
·         When gas is high, people drive more than fly
·         Roads and cars have improved and people find it easier than ever to drive (except for traffic!)

Anyway, patterns shift, new habits form, and whole new industries are born.  As a writer you have to think of new ways to seize the evolving and merging book marketing opportunities.  A decade ago you wouldn’t have a book blog tour, virtual book signings, author Skype chats, or free ebook campaigns.  What will we have a decade ahead?

Be ready for change.  Anticipate and expect to be on the lookout for trends.  Today’s oddity becomes tomorrow’s norm.  One day you will have a book tour on Mars!


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