Monday, March 9, 2015

Are Authors OurTeachers?

We each have an obligation to learn and for the learned to teach.  Yes, you, me, and others share in this responsibility.  It’s not a burden, but an honor.  We each should pursue knowledge with a hungry belly, and as we fill up on the facts, ideologies, imaginations, and histories of the world we should see ourselves as being in a position to expose such knowledge with others.  As writers or even book publicists we do this naturally – we constantly take in information and then share it with others.  I don’t know any other way to live but to be the student and the teacher.

One thing we can’t get lost in is thinking that the newest generation is dumb, lazy, or tech-obsessed.  They are a product of their time, no doubt, which is based in large part on the gifts of prior generations, but they are eager to learn and to consume knowledge.  They just need a few good teachers.

Teachers are not just paid to sit in a classroom and lecture.  Teachers come in the form of parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, strangers, and ourselves.  We can consume knowledge from anyone and especially from the arts such as books.  As an author, what are you teaching others, even if your book is merely a novel that doesn’t explore a serious value, event, or human element?  Every book leaves an impression on its reader.  What will you teach with your body of work?

I grew up with books and never grew out of the habit of believing I could explore, understand, and appreciate the world through the written word.  Works are the building blocks for life’s architects.  They can be positioned in unique ways that can make us cry, kill, live, love, hate and see things in a totally different way that we never could have imagined.

Imagine if the world read more and increased its pace of discovery and exposure to new ideas and concepts.  Imagine a world that could save years of bad decisions, wrong behavior, or lost opportunities simply by reading books that helped us to better understand ourselves. Imagine a society that raises its intellectual bar so that it gets to be on a similar footing across the board, where we no longer see such a disparity between the educated and uneducated.

We are all students and all teachers.  Share what you know and encourage others to learn – and to teach.  Lead by example.  Let your writings pass along information, ideas, theories, and dreams.  Don’t stop learning and don’t think you’re not supposed to keep teaching.  Society is something we define and contribute to.  We inherit it upon birth, shape it with our living, and then hand it off to the next inhabitants of Earth.  As a writer, your teachings can last longer than those of others.  What will you teach us today?


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