Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time To Pen A Sequel

Whether you write novels or non-fiction books, it is always a good time to write a sequel. Unless, of course, the first book was a dud.

Even if the first book flopped commercially, should you pursue a second chance at getting it right and hoping that the revised version or expanded story line will be the breakthrough success you thought deserving of your first book?

I rarely meet a fiction author who didn't have a sequel or series penned or in mind once their debut book was launched. It is only logical. Writers believe they have a good idea  and a strong character to build on for new adventures. Authors are ready to live out a life with their characters and made-up worlds.

They know they need to craft a series, not just to take advantage of the commercial market. They can't just let their characters remain stuck in one book. They envision so much more for their "children."

Writing is their outlet and playground. How could life be lived in just one book?

Of course authors can write many books but not necessarily be married to a franchise series. But once you develop the characters and their lives how could you walk away and just take on a whole new life to live?

For many authors writing is their life and they live through the worlds and characters they create. As long as writers want to live, they will release sequel after sequel.


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