Friday, March 27, 2015

Interview With Author Ben Anthony

What inspired you to write your new book?

The people around me, my immediate environment and all events happening in the world as reported by News Stories

What is it about?
"Maya: Initiate 39" explores the plight of Maya taking a journey through ---coming from a broken home since her mother left, ending up with the dreaded juvenile cult, the Alternative Lifestyle Club, popularly known as the ALC, and then growing up into a stand-up woman.

What challenges did you overcome to write it?
 I avoided the constraints known as Laziness, procrastination, yielding myself to other frivolities and most importantly the 'writer's block syndrome' by keeping myself abreast with family-related issues 

What do you find rewarding about writing a book?
The grass to grace move of Maya's predicament.

Where do you see the publishing industry heading?
Taking a vivid projection from my stand-point, i see the publishing industry directing its dynamics of literary operation in "digitals"-the advanced use of e-books, iTunes, Google Play,  and other developed digital formats as completely-suitable replacements to hard copies-print versions.

What advice do you have for fellow authors?
To my fellow authors, I say the following:
1) Don't give up on your writing as you prepare real hard to face incessant rejections.

2) Because your book was accepted by a publisher doesn't necessarily make you a good writer (vice versa).

3) Expect the 'Writer's Bloc'(a situation were a writer appears not to have anything to write) because it happens. However, keeping yourself acquainted with information concerning the related topic of interest is a way of avoiding the Writer's Bloc.

4) Lastly, learn to always polish your writing skills by continuous writing. In my opinion, "a good writer becomes better  when he or she progresses from being  labeled a 'bad' writer, via constructive criticisms of work(s) by an array of honest reviews, and takes writing as a 'take-home-assignment-for-life' interest. 

For more information, please see:

Barnes and Noble: Maya: Initiate 39.

Available in: Paperback. From Linkville Press: Maya was raised single-handedly by her father, Samuel, who had divorced his wife, Cynthia years ago, on gro...
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