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Which Skills Are Critical For Marketing A Book Successfully?

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So many skills are needed to navigate our lives. Think about it.  At school or work, with family and friends, or in other settings, one needs to know how to act, what to say, how to assert oneself, and how to not be a problem or burden. Well, book marketing calls upon and requires your mastery of a whole host of skills. Are you equipped?

In all facets of life, you’ll no doubt need to do well at interacting and socializing, staying informed, being motivated, developing your self-awareness, speaking up, making friends, collaborating, confronting wrong-doers, and developing your emotional intelligence. All of this will help you be better at marketing a book as well.

You will need to:

·         Define which skills are most important to promote a book.
·         Identify which ones you lack and seek ways to improve.
·         Lean on your strengths and accept your shortcomings.

Marketing a book certainly involves some measure of:

·         Assertiveness
·         Persuasiveness.
·         Communication.
·         Energy.
·         Intelligence.
·         Personality.
·         Creativity.
·         Street savvy.
·         Smiles.
·         Organization.
·         Confidence.
·         Optimism.

So what do you do if you:

·         Are shy?
·         Don’t feel comfortable asking others for favors?
·         Lack the will or energy to chase down opportunities?
·         Don’t think you are very convincing.
·         Really don’t feel up to the task of creatively pitching yourself?

The solutions are simple:

·         Outsource some things to others.
·         Ignore some things and accept they won’t get done.
·         Uncomfortable or not, try to help yourself by doing some things.
·         Don’t psyche yourself out – you can do more than you think you can – so give it a shot.

Once you begin doing something – anything – to establish your brand, market your message, and promote your book – you feel unchained. Suddenly, you succeed at something, maybe something small, and now you can build on this. Success breeds success. Media begets media. One thing leads to another - provided you keep trying.

Don’t add the failures up – only the wins. We lose all of the battles never fought, so seek to win a few by engaging the battlefield. If you believe in your book and hope to change the world, you will find the courage and skill necessary to market your book!


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