Thursday, January 2, 2020

Here’s To A Great Year!

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2020 is upon us!

A new year.  A new decade.

The Olympics. A presidential election. Big stuff coming up.

But is the nation – and world – just going to shit?

Big Brother is not just the government, but any corporation or random person can hack, buy, or collect your data.

Alexa is a snitch. Facebook sells our data. Google manipulates searches.  News outlets show bias and incompetence.  The White House is run by a man-baby.  The Congress is a lobby factory and deeply divided by partisan politics.

We live in a technology-driven, device bubble. We are in a box.  Poverty, famine, and disease still infects a portion of every nation.  The planet is melting but nothing’s being done about it.  Wars are still a part of how the world negotiates resources.  Is there any hope?

Of course there is.  It starts with you – and each of us. It starts with people taking their world back and taking ownership of what they agree to accept. Will we accept the world the way it is – or change it?

There’s a lot of good in the world.  Just look at:

·         Books
·         Nature
·         Love
·         Chocolate
·         Dogs
·         Babies
·         Beach Sunsets
·         Friends
·         Family
·         The Arts
·         Travel
·         Sex
·         Beauty
·         BBQ Potato Chips (Wise, Pringles)

We know there are great people, things, and places – and there are ugly, sad, mean people, things, and places. Humans can suck – and they can be selfless heroes. It’s a world that’s complex and yet simple.  There is hope for a better tomorrow alongside the potential for disaster.

Embrace the good and shun the bad. Believe in something, but most of all, yourself. The world is what you think it is, what it really is, what you hope it could be and what you help it become.  

2020 can be the beginning of something really wonderful – or awful.  You decide.

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