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Try These 10 Ways To Promote Your Book

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Promoting books and authors has been my gig for the past three decades – and I enjoy helping authors spread the word about a great story or an empowering message. It’s also great to assist them in building and growing their brand.  Sometimes, they even sell some books!  

But what I find most interesting about books is that they touch every aspect of our lives, so why not explore some fun, creative ways to promote books and make the world a little better?

Here are some ideas to promote books and help others:

1.      Use Your Book As An Award
Sure, you want to apply for awards and win them, but what I’m suggesting here is that you create an award.  It could be local or something small. If people apply and satisfy a certain criteria, award them a free copy of your book. Let’s say you wrote a book for entrepreneurs.  If someone shows you they opened a new business in the past six months, give them a free copy of your book.  Maybe you wrote a parenting book.  Give it to anyone who is pregnant with their first child.  You give back to the community, and create a list of people who may buy other products, services, or future books of yours.

2.      Use Your Book As A Reward
Maybe you wrote an entertaining YA book for children of a certain age. If they show you they got a great report card from school, give them a gratis copy of your book.

3.      Save An Animal’s Life
If you wrote a book that appeals to animal lovers, give a copy out to those who show you they adopted a pet in the last few months.

4.      Swap Books – And Phone Numbers
Put together an event at a local library or bookstore where single people can come together.  The only requirement?  Bring a book to swap – and maybe exchange phone numbers too!

5.      Books For The Forgotten
Homeless shelters, nursing homes, prisons, psyche wards, juvenile detention centers, and hospitals house millions of forgotten, ignored, and undervalued individuals. Donate copies of your book to their libraries.

6.      Partner With Someone
Make a trade – you promote a book, product, or service of another – and they promote your book.  Exchange website links, blog posts, social media posts, or agree to email to each other’s list of connections.

7.      Make A Care Package
See if an organization will include your book as a resource in something that they sell or give to members.  For instance, maybe your book is about retiring financially sound. Maybe talk to a local group that deals with people in the same demographics you’re interested in – 40 to 60-year-olds.  See if they will buy the book at cost and share it with others, along with their products and handouts.

8.      Offer People A Cut Of The Pie
See if local stores (not just bookstores) will sell your book for a huge cut of the action.  Or ask non-profits to sell your book as a fund-raiser, paying you a little more than your costs.

9.      Hand Out Fliers
In the digital world, handing out fliers is old school – but it can still work.  Go where the crowds are – beaches, malls, campuses – and hand out fliers about your book.

10.  Send Books to Influencers
Forget Instagram stars with followings of three million people. They are hard to reach – and want money to plug your book.  Instead, contact people in local, regional, or national leadership positions – thank them for their work – and offer your book as a gift.  They may be willing to post something on social media – without charging you!

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