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Holidays & Honorary Days: Perfect To Pitch Your Book To The Media

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Promoting your book this year will require you to pitch the news media with a tie-in of your book or background to something in the news. What better way to do that than to check out when holidays, honorary days, and anniversaries are due to take place?

One place to consult is, a resource that lists the dates for:

  • Jewish holidays
  • Christian holidays
  • Muslim holidays
  • Hindu holidays
  • Buddhist holidays
  • American holidays
  • World holidays

From Passover to Christmas to Ramadan, you’ll know what’s due to happen and when. If you can attach a story angle to what’s coming up, you will help your chances of securing media coverage.

Many authors can tie into Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, President’s Day, Labor Day, etc. Don’t forget Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or the Chinese New Year.

Another amazing – and free – website is, which lists, day by day, week by week, and month by month, a zillion honorary days, weeks, months, anniversaries, or historical dates.  From National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to Donut Day, you’ll have no shortage of media tie-ins to special moments that get celebrated every year.

So how do you link your book or past to an upcoming holiday?

First, look at the two websites and go through them.  Take your time.  Look at which special days or holidays could be connected to your message.  Think broadly.

Then, look at those special days and start to list what you can say or how you’d link your background or book to each of those dates.  Come up with your statement, then back it up with a statistic, fact, or story.

Develop a calendar of stories to pitch, based on these dates.  Depending on the media outlet’s need for lead time, you may pitch some of them in advance, such as with magazines and television shows, or weekly newspapers or some websites.

Let’s think of each holiday or special date as one where you can make a prediction, note a trend, question it, or offer advice on.  Start to line up your content, images, and headline to correspond to these prompts for each holiday.  Remember, to get noticed, you can’t state the obvious nor say something others could easily say.  

Be first, be different, be controversial, and be entertaining or informative.


“Novelists have always used fiction as a way to process and reorder reality to make sense of the world and provide a better version of it.”
--Sarah Lyall, New York Times reporter


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