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You Need To Spotify Your Book Marketing

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With the New Year upon us – a new decade at that – I thought I would finally get with the times and be a Spotify customer. It’s amazing how it takes me years to give into something new.  But I realize the same may be true for you and your approach to book marketing and author branding.

For me, my change from listening to the radio came at the insistence of my son, just before he turned 15.

He’s this generation’s poster child for not only using tech but embracing it.  He doesn’t know from CD’s.  He knows iTunes, You Tube, and digital music.  He doesn’t even know of local radio before Sirius XM Satellite.  I remember big-sized records and 8-track tapes.  I remember cassette tapes and CD’s.  I recall the radio. But it’s been years since I bought any music or listened to anything with any regularity. Now I stepped it up.

I went on a download spree to build up my play lists. U2, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, REM, Expose, Michael Jackson, Prince, and today’s top hits were some of the first selections.  God, I missed listening to music like this, easily hearing dozens of songs that I love and feel inspired and moved by.

The very first piece of music that I took ownership of was as a teen.  I bought Rush 2012 and The Police.  I loved the Walkman era and would walk for miles while listening to 80’s songs, particularly UK boy bands.

But I’m not lost in another decade.  I continue to appreciate today’s stars as well.  I am not a snob, believing that only old music is great. Today’s tunes resemble this generation’s needs and desires and grew out of the stuff I listened to.

Spotify is easy.  $15 a month covers my whole family, who can listen on any device – phone, laptop, desktop, whatever. Unlimited access to a zillion songs. I love it!

Ok, so back to book marketing.  Just as this was hesitant to move on to Spotify from a familiar but outdated, less-efficient, more costly ways of listening to music, you likely are resistant to some of today’s way of doing things to plug your brand, sell a book, and promote your ideas.  Well…get over it.




You can do it. You can type and/or talk, right?  Ok, not so hard.  Ask anyone under 20 to help you if you need a push. You can do it – and you will love it once you do.

Curiosity and angst will melt away and you will feel like a burden was lifted, a wall torn down, a bully silenced. In 2020, say good riddance to the methods of thought and action that have retarded your growth and stopped you from realizing your full potential.

Not everything you know is useless.  The past is not all bad.  No, no.  But you just need to reboot and take the good and make it better – and lose or diminish the bad.

My father-in-law recently saw my teen-age son scan a check that he received for Hanukah, into his iPhone and get deposited onto his debit card account. His reaction was: “I hope I’m dead before I have to do that.”

He’s 74 or so but he has woefully not adapted to 2020.  No smart phone. No computer. No Spotify, social media, or digital banking for him.

But once we let our mental holdbacks get sidelined and we give way to the latest, greatest tools out there, we win. We feel like we are no longer on the other side of a world gone by.  We feel emancipated.

You can flourish this year if you allow yourself to delve into the things you’ve been avoiding.  Create or update that website.  Get onto social media or greatly expand your footprint.  Consider writing a blog or taking an existing one and posting more often. Get a You Tube channel.  Create a podcast.

2020 is a new year.  God it’s 20 years since the new millennium.  It’s finally a decade we can easily refer to – the 20’s vs. the aughts or teens – or was it the 10’s.  See what I mean?  It’s your year!  Why not?

2020 is here:

The Olympics.

The elections.

New sports championships.

New award-winning movies, music, theater, TV shows.

And a new you, ready to attack technology or whatever the hell stands in your way. 

Obliterate all obstacles.  Take a chance. Make a change. You will love it.

Shhh. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson is playing. 

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