Wednesday, August 25, 2021

15 Ways To Increase An Author’s Blog Traffic


So many authors who try their hand at blogging get frustrated that traffic for their blog is lower than they’d hoped. Well, here are 15 tips and strategies to get more eyes on your blog, which, in the end, promotes your book:

  1. Post often. Once a month doesn’t cut it. Shoot for weekly or semi-weekly. You need quality and quantity. 
  1. Promote your blog posts with your social media. That means you need to share your newest post multiple times, across multiple platforms. You should also share older posts again. They are new to someone. 
  1. Entice readers with catchy titles for each post. Raise a question. Declare something powerfully. Offer solutions to problems. Be the news that people can use. 
  1. Include images. They add to the eye appeal and lure more readers in. 
  1. Write on your niche and stay in your lane. Don’t write about anything and everything, just remain focused on your area of expertise, knowledge, and experience. People need to see you as an authority with expertise, passion, and reliability. 
  1. Write for your reader. Keep their needs in mind. Give them what they believe they need and want. 
  1. Don’t just shoot from the hip with your opinions. Do your research and thoroughly vet the information that you rely on to formulate your views. 
  1. Write well, write often -- but edit ALWAYS. Proofread your work before it publishes. 
  1. Position your blog’s voice or persona as one that delivers a certain style or level of content. Make it predictable, but keep it fresh. 
  1. Share links to your prior posts in every new post. Include a few lines about who you are and list your website at the bottom of every new blog entry. 
  1. Add a video link. They get shared by what they show, not just what you say. 
  1. Utilize guest contributors to save you time writing new posts and to capture traffic from their followers. 
  1. Incorporate the key words that people use to search for content like yours. 
  1. Sponsor or boost a post on Facebook. 
  1. Give something away on your site. Put a link to it in your blog post.                  


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