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How Do Authors Recharge A Stalled Book Marketing Campaign?


Progress, growth, success, and fulfillment can come to authors. It will take hard work, luck, help, creativity, and opportunity. But it is there for the taking. All that you need is to keep moving, experimenting, and changing. There will always be something you can do to market your book with results.

When your marketing stalls out or you feel it is stumbling and getting stale, it is time to take some steps to turn things around.


Here is how to initiate a book marketing makeover:

*Reinvent yourself. Change how you position yourself. Use different descriptive words. Tell different stories. Provide updated examples to support your message. Switch lanes. Blow things up. Start over. Take a fresh approach and a new way to doing things. Big brands eventually go through this. Authors are not exempt from this process.

*Do less of what is not yielding satisfactory results. Do more of what is working.

*Forget about what could be or should have been. Live in the moment and act decisively in the here and now.

*Chase a dream but be grounded. Dream, but act in reality.

*Expand or diversify your efforts. Do not stagnate or limit yourself.

*Try doing the opposite of the idealized way. It might just work for you.

*Combine elements to form a new approach, the way a good chef adds ingredients to transform a dish.

*Reorder your priorities or the way in which you operate.

*Try something new.

*Do less. Is your schedule burdening or overwhelming you? Accomplish more by cutting corners, not seeking perfection, and demanding more of others.

*Take a break. That is right. Stop what you are doing and take a nap or pursue something other than marketing your book. Play hooky.

*Pursue a change of scenery. Get out of town — for a day, night, weekend, or a longer vacation.

*Get new stimulation from other input — music, dance, film, theater, books, or news media.

*Socialize and get out of your head.

*Reach out to a therapist. Get a trained brain-shrinker to help you.

*Seek out friends and family to talk to.

*Hire a marketing consultant to gain new skills, knowledge, and inspiration.

*Allow yourself to imagine the worst. Then, see how you can avoid such a fate or rebound from such a state. Acknowledge your fears, weaknesses, or challenges — then visualize how to overcome, avoid, or mute them. Accentuate the positives; eliminate the negatives.

*Pray. Meditate. Seek nature. Find clarity.

*Model others who are successful at marketing a book or something else.

*Conduct research and see what else is out there that you can tap into to market your book.

*Start to see opportunity in everyone and everything. Look to see who can help, or collaborate with, you.

*Be playful. Play a sport, a video game, or a board game. Let your imagination run free. Let yourself be silly.

*Go retro. Think back to your childhood or some happy moment in your life. Be a kid again.

*Laugh. Hit a comedy club. Stop being so serious.

*Pursue a hobby or passion. As long as it is legal and harms no one, go for it: sex, drink, drug, gamble, shop till you drop, overeat desserts. We all need to blow off steam and feel rewarded.

*Do something physical. Get the blood flowing.

*Donate your time, money, or possessions to charity. You will feel better by helping others in need.

*Reenergize. Gain a new perspective. Try new things. Reacquaint with your roots and foundational beliefs.

Know that you don’t need anyone’s permission to succeed. You can will your way to success. Dream it. Analyze it. Act on it. Awaken to the one true secret to your success: You!

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