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The Author As Entrepreneur: 17 Tips & Resources


Authors to be successful, simply need to see themselves as a business, and their books as products. So how can authors be more productive and efficient at turning a profit from their writing venture?


1.      Find Your Niche

Know who your book appeals to. Find out where your readers live, hang, or go. Which organizations do they belong to? Where do they congregate? What blogs or podcasts do they consume? From where do they get their book recommendations?


2.      Meet A Need/Desire

Do people need your book to solve a problem or fill a void? Do people desire a book like yours so they can escape their lives? Find out what drives a purchase and deliver a message that invites people to feel they found something to fill a need or quench a desire.


3.      Remove Self-Imposed Rules

Don’t play by rules that really don’t exist. We all too often burden ourselves with standards or expectations that we unfairly place upon ourselves. Why? Just do what is legal and not what others think you should do – or what you convince yourself should be done in a certain way.


4.      Play Up To Strengths, Forget Weaknesses

Do what you do best. Forget the rest.


5.      Don’t Overprepare

Too often you wait for just the right moment to take action. You prepare, pontificate, and research. Reverse course. Act now. Then see what could be fixed or redirected. Otherwise, the timing rarely seems right to initiate an action.


6.      Don’t Ask For Permission To Succeed

You don’t need to ask anyone for permission to succeed. Be bold and do what you feel is necessary. If you make a mistake or need to apologize for something, so be it, but do not raise your hand to see if someone will allow you to do great things.


7.      Set Goals & Keep Raising The Bar

What gets measured, gets improved. Setting goals gravitates your mind and body towards them. When you meet your goals, put them in the rearview mirror and set higher ones.


8.      Be SEO Savvy

All of your online content – tweets, web site, blog posts – needs to be written in a keyword savvy way. Consult,, and


9.      Use An Email Service

Check out


10.  Get Others To Sell For You

There are many affiliate programs that you can list your book with. Others will sell your book for a small commission. You only pay upon a sale – so there is no risk! Check these affiliates out:


You can also register on these sites to sell the products of others and earn a commission.


11.  Check Competitive Site Traffic

Do you want to see how much site traffic other authors are getting and who is looking at them?



12.  Link With A Charity

People like to buy from those who give back. See this site to find a charity that you can donate books to – or some proceeds from your book sales:  Mention your charitable affiliation in everything that you say or do. This relationship is now part of your brand essence.


13.  Get Help

Find a virtual assistant to help you: Upwork, The Concierge VA, Fiverr, or Va Va Virtual.


14.  Be Seen As An Expert In The Media

Check out,, and


15.  Dictation Help

Need something typed up? Dictate it for cheap to


16.  Join Organizations

Network by joining professional groups such as a local business association, a writers association, or a group based on identity – religion, race, or gender – or a hobby.


17.  Use Technology Wisely

Need a free conference line? See

Need to record a phone call? See

Need to record and capture actions on your screen for video tutorials? See or


Now that you see yourself as Author Inc. – and not just a writer – think of formulating a business plan and growing your operation. You can be more than you are now. Go for it!



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