Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who Are You?

Most promoters and marketers will eventually confront the day when they look at their careers and struggle to define what they do and why they do it.  That day has come early and often for me.  But I want liberation, some way of comforting and freeing myself from what I do while not giving it up.  I am a therapist, a prostitute, a professor, and a dreamer.  I am many things to those I counsel and promote, but I am not sure if I am contributing to society.

I suffer from excessive optimism, for it permits me, no makes me, see the potential in everything.  My ideation takes over, like OCD or some affliction, and ideas flow out of me faster than I can record or process them.  I can represent almost anyone—if the opportunity arose and if I chose to, because I believe I can promote anything, anyone.  I don’t suffer from heightened delusions of grandeur, but I do have an immense capacity for believing in the possible and in the potential of all.  My unwavering confidence forbids me from shying away from a challenge. 

But what I don’t have is a compass to guide me through my inner conflict over who I am and of what I’ve become.  I’ve spent so much time persuading others of something that I have nothing in reserve to persuade myself of the sure path to follow. 

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