Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Children Teach The Adults

A few days have passed since the massacre in Newtown left 28 dead, including 20 children, and it looks like the news media will not let the issue of gun control die. That is the best news in years. If we can rally the corrupt political arena to actually help save lives and do what government is supposed to do - -serve the public – it will be a miracle long overdue.

I see encouraging signs. For one, a rightwing paper such as the New York Post called for a ban on assault rifles in its editorial today. That is a step in the right direction. Can our media – movies, books, news, social – help push the nation towards a saner policy on guns?

It is getting harder for gun nuts to defend not their right to own a gun but their right to own unlimited numbers of fast-shooting military-type weapons of mass destruction.

It seems daily violence of 35 gun murders a day and another 45 suicides-by-gun each day were not enough for people to be moved to change the laws. Or when mass shootings in Columbine, Aurora, and elsewhere left unbelievable carnage. Or when presidents are shot at and Congressmen are used for target practice. But finally, it has happened. Killing 20 children made even the hard line extremists pause to reflect on the society they are encouraging us to live in.

I used to think being a shooting victim does not make you a hero – not even in war. But these tiny soldiers of love and hope are my heroes because their deaths – with your support – will not have happened in vain. Tomorrow may be a little brighter for today is so dark. It is so dark we cannot see our way anymore.

Let’s hope that these beautiful young souls show us the light and lead the way. Adults are supposed to teach children, but it looks as if the children will need to lead us.

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