Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kick The Social Media Addiction

People are making their 2013 resolutions to change their lives, contemplating the areas that need improvement. For many, they do not have to search too long or far to find what they want to change. Excessive drinking, eating, and smoking are usually the first to get cut. Others may want to commit to getting their finances, relationships, or houses in order. Most will try -- and fail. That is just human nature and statistical probability at work.

But from a book marketing perspective,  is there one behavior that you can change that would make the greatest difference in being successful? Yes, and it starts with social media. If you don’t spend much time blogging, tweeting, and networking on Facebook, you need to do so. But conversely, if you are addicted to digital chatter you may need to go to rehab.

Finding the right balance of time is not easy. There is an experimental, trial-and-error side to the Internet. You don’t know how successful an online strategy will be until you try it. But I can tell you from experience, don’t let it take up too much of your time.

Here are some guidelines for a better relationship with social media in 2013:

1.    If using social media really starts to feel like a burden or nagging obligation, cut down on your screen time.

2. If you find you are not getting enough results that are measurable, change or reduce your efforts.

3. Diversify and vary your social media portfolio. If you never posted on You Tube, try it. If you never guest-blogged, do so now. If you have not joined groups on LinkedIn or FB, do so.

4. Determine what you are trying to accomplish (Is it more book sales, branding, getting a positive message out, or something else?) and compare other opportunities to achieve these goals. What other things would you do with your time and resources if you were not tweeting and blogging so much? Consider the ROI of the alternatives.

5. Just take a break. Step away from the tablet, smartphones, or laptop and slow down. Review what you have been doing and explore how you can do things differently or more efficiently. If all else fails, use your social media addiction to circulate my Book Marketing & PR Tool Kit:

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