Thursday, December 27, 2012

No Is A Delayed Yes

When I assumed the role of head of marketing for Media Connect nearly a dozen years ago, I hung up a hand-made sign that has come to be my motto: NO IS A DELAYED YES.

Why do I believe a ‘no’ means ‘yes’? Three reasons:

1.      I have found people, if pushed on an offer, may initially say no but it is not fully based on examining the offer completely and against all other offers. Maybe that person was not ready to say yes but they did not really say no to my particular offer. They were saying no to anyone selling anything for the moment. So, trying them again, maybe three, six, even 12 months later may yield better results simply because now they would at least be open to the possibility of buying from me or others.

2.      Some people say no before they can hear your offer. You may have caught them at a bad moment. Perhaps they were in a hurry to be somewhere or their mind was cluttered by a task at hand or maybe they were just having a bad day. All you need to do is dry them on another day, at another time, and their mood would be totally different this time around.

3.      People will try other options and actions – and fail. So when you get turned down today in favor of some other vendor/author, give it time. They may end up unhappy with their selection and hire you or buy from you when you give them a second chance later on.

The key to overcoming a no or an objection is to learn why you are being told no sale today. Once you understand why you didn’t get their business today, work on how to win it tomorrow. I guarantee someone’s no today will lead to a yes on another day.

If you disagree with this blog today, you may end up agreeing with it in a few months.

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