Monday, December 24, 2012

Did You Know This?

As a writer, marketer or promoter, it is important to take the pulse of society periodically. One can do this by reading surveys, polls and statistical abstracts – or by checking out an almanac or reports from the Census Bureau. Below are a few random facts I just happened to come by in the past few days from the Statistical Abstract of the US, New York Post, and The New York Times. Perhaps you have other stats and facts you’d like to share with us. I hope you find these of interest:

**Liquor stores outnumber bookstores by a three-to-one ratio.

**Americans spend an average of $100 annually on reading materials - -but $2500 on other forms of entertainment.

**27% of US households use only wireless telephone service - -no landlines.

**Almost twice as many Americans (10.6 million) belong to a fantasy sports league than to a book club (5.7 million).

**41% of US births this past year came from unwed mothers – up from 33% a decade ago.

**It costs the US government two cents to manufacture a penny and 11 cents to produce a nickel.

**More foreigners visited NYC (9.3 million) than any other American city (La with 3.7 million).

**More households own dogs than cats but there are more pet cats than dogs.

**Each year the number of teens and children lost to gun violence equals a 9/11. Every two months the number of Americans lost to gun violence equals a 9/11.

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