Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do Books Kill -- Or Save Lives?

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about gun control, in light of the Newtown massacre. I failed to convince him that we should pass laws to restrict certain guns from being sold, decreasing the number of bullets in a clip, making sure all gun purchases have a background check performed on them, and other reasonable laws that would not in any way infringe on one’s right, to own a gun for protection. He felt it was not going to solve the real problem, that Americans are violent, mentally ill, and angry people. I failed to use common sense, my skills of persuasion, and an appeal to moral decency.

If I cannot convince my educated friend that we need to begin taking reasonable steps to curb the violence, starting but not stopping with gun reform, I am afraid the nation won’t unite to take actions that are needed to return a balance of power to society. We simply cannot tolerate continuous random acts of violence that lead to tens of thousands of deaths each year.

I wonder if there are books out there that can save lives, maybe frame the gun control debate in such a way that every reader would be left with no choice but to call for reform. There are books that show is how to make bombs, reveal how murderers committed crimes, and share the angry rhetoric of mass murderers like Hitler. Are there any books that can help us solve a problem such as gun violence?

I would gladly support - -and promote – any books that offer timely, practical, and relevant solutions to the gun violence epidemic plaguing America today. If you can present a moving dialogue that can sway the most hardened gun nuts. I will champion your book for free. PR and marketing should not just be used to make money, entertain people, or stroke an author’s ego. PR and marketing – and books – should also serve our world and the greater good. Authors – if you have a good book on gun violence reform and solutions, please share it with us!

Books cannot kill, can they? But they could possibly save lives, can’t they?

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