Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Chainsaw Massacre Here

My dad always taught me “safety first” to the point I only did things that were safe.  That meant I didn’t grow up around power tools, building anything or fixing anything.  I may have missed out but I have longevity on my side.  Maybe by now I would have fallen to a terrible accident involving a piece of machinery or equipment if only I’d had the opportunity to use any.

But the other day I had the opportunity to use a power saw.  I borrowed my neighbor’s tool to help clean up heavy tree branches that walloped my backyard and side of the house (thanks, Hurricane Sandy).  These limbs weigh more than I do.   I couldn’t just toss them in the garbage.  They needed to be cut into pieces.

My hand-held ax and pruner weren’t up to the job.  Neither was a manual saw.  I needed to bring in the big guns.  I found using it rewarding, exhilarating, and fun.  I felt proud of learning a new trick, one that saved me some money in the process.

I wore gloves and goggles and heeded the tips for using it safely from my neighbor.  I was a cutting machine.  I even scored some points showing off for my wife.

The experience opened me up into wanting to take on new challenges.  Would I rewire the house, do drywall, and build a deck?  Probably not, but maybe I could do things I never pictured myself doing, whatever those things may be.

I at least proved to myself that I can overcome what is really just a mental barrier.  Where a fear for safety guided me in the past, I want to instead be inspired to take a calculated risk to pursue what’s a little less familiar or common to me.

Today I conquered a chainsaw.  Tomorrow, who knows?  Who really knows?

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