Sunday, December 30, 2012

Random House To Own Barnes & Noble?

Call it a stretch, but Random House, soon to be merged with Penguin Books, may end up owning Barnes & Noble.

Pearson, which owns Penguin Books and the Financial Times, just bought a 5% stake in Barnes & Nobel’s Nook Media.

Who knows how the book industry will get carved up but it seems obvious that the big players are looking to align with one another and feed a merger frenzy.

Maybe some strange alliances will occur, such as movie theater chains linking with bookstores, or gas stations connecting with publishers, or libraries offering book kiosks like the $1 movie rental vending machines in supermarkets. Or maybe auto dealerships will combine with book publishers. No doubt 2013 will yield changes in the publishing marketplace and I am sure it is about to get interesting.

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