Friday, March 15, 2013

Can The Pope Bless Books?

No, they’re not blowing smoke up your butt. The Vatican has chosen a new pope and they went with their first-ever Latin American. Though I’m Jewish and part of the six-sevenths of the world that doesn’t directly concern itself on the doings of the Catholic Church, I recognize the importance of this decision and the influence of the pope on both religion and world affairs. As such, I applaud their selection.

The race issue alone will make it interesting. Times are changing. The leader of the free world has a black president and now the pope is speaking Spanish. It makes sense. The world is diverse and its leaders should be too. One day, could there be a female or gay pope?

I find it interesting that other religions don’t have a leader that is as prominent as the pope, though the Dalai Lama comes close. One thing Americans lack is seeing an Asian leader, considering that China has 1.6 billion people and India around 1.2. Half the world is not Hispanic, Black or White but America still knows so little about that part of the globe.

The pope may speak of issues with moral consequences that have political repurcussions. Very important, indeed. But who can be the leader of the book publishing community?

What singular voice speaks for and to all those comprising a huge and important industry? We need a pope for readers, writers, editors, book publicists, publishers, literary agents and the creative talent that supports the backbone of free speech, history-keeping, artistry, and imagination.

Congratulations to the new pope. It may prove to be an exciting new era for faith and society. One day I hope to learn of a leader chosen to represent books. Then we can publish a tell-all app about him or her.

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