Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Go Big or Go Home

Last week I bought a TV set and the process reaffirmed an American valve for the day we live in: Go big or go home!

At first I tried to go bigger, but not so big. I replaced my old-fashioned, big-butt 27” TV that I probably bought nine or 10 years ago, with a 32” flat screen TV. In fact, it was a “smart TV”, where you can connect to the Internet and stream videos. I thought this was a true upgrade – all for about $300. But when I brought it home and stuck it on the TV stand it looked small.

So I returned it, thinking I’d go a few sizes bigger, to 40". But when I started to go big, my eye wandered to a 50” set that was on sale. I couldn’t resist. I went large and felt like for the first time with electronics I didn’t cheap out or go after the smaller or older generation version. Then again, I didn’t buy the version with 3D glasses. Nor did I go for 60”. But I went big and love it.

You never regret going big.

But it made me think about my approach to other aspects of my life. I always reach for what’s attainable and to capture what seems possible. This is true with how I do everything – not too big, not too small. But now I am thinking it’s time to go big in other facets of life. It’s true with book publicity and marketing. Sure, you want to put some points on the scoreboard but it’s good to throw the bomb downfield, to swing for the fences, and to reach beyond your comfort zone. The odds may be against you but the rewards of success can be huge.

The next time I see that I am pursuing goals that don’t fully challenge me, I am going to remember my TV.

Go big or go home – and watch TV!


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