Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Interview With Author Lynelle Clark

  1. What type of books do you write? So far I have published one book ‘A Pirate’s Wife’ a Historical Romance. Two books that are in line for publishing in this year are Contemporary Inspirational Romance, ‘Life changes’ and ‘Master of her Heart’. Another one, ‘New Beginnings’ is a Contemporary Women’s Fiction also in line for editing.

  1. What is your newest book about? Life changes is about choices when confronted with life styles that is not in normal households. Swinging, the life that Anabella Anthony’s parents lives with no recognition of what it does to the children in particular Anabella. An eighteen year old at the brink of her future being part of The Olympic Swimming Team. Her parents’ refusal to accept her choices and forcing her to adapt, with alarming results.

She met Aldrich Hagin a lawyer who was ready to settle down. Recovering from the death of his young bride. From the moment he met her he knew he found the woman he wants to share his life with. However, her nightmares, continues trails and age difference stood in the way. Willing to help her even if it meant that he had to stand back and allow her to make her own choices.
Seeking help with a councilor, a woman that was there for him during his trails Aldrich helps her to over come the nightmares, making choices that would not only affect her but his future.

  1. What inspired you to write it? Believe it or not but this was actually my first book that I wrote. It was written in a time when we ourselves went through life changes as well. Seeking answers. Why I chose the swinging life style I have no idea it just came up and I ran with the concept. Maybe I read something about it that triggered me subconsciously I do not know.

In the book it is in its worse situation but in my research I know that most will never cause their children to suffer in the extend I let on in my story. They are wary of taking care of them, keeping their life discreet at all times. I do not attack people’s choices in the lifestyles they choose. In the book it also becomes clear that each of the couples involved make their own choices how they live.

But it was an interesting scenario and one I thought of a few times. The interaction and what the effects could have in the childrens lives. Each sibling in Anabella’s life had a different take which I highlighted in the book. I am always interested in restoration, this was a good plot.

Support is another topic that is intertwined in the book. Support from friends, family and parents, and the examples they set helping forming and making the choices needed to have a future they want.

  1. What is the writing process like for you? Since I am still very new in the writing business I have no real process other than that I write what is on my heart. Allowing the words to flow.  I try to write at least 1000 words a day, sometimes it is more, sometimes less. I love to make notes first in a note book, doing research as an idea comes before I put it down on my PC. Building the characters personas. This part I find difficult at times if you really have to think of people you may know that would fit into the character type, drawing from them.

But it is a journey I simply love. The creativity of the whole process stirs me and opens new avenues of discovery in my own talents.  I love the interaction with co-authors, learning from them as I go along. Finding a community of people that is willing to help. It does not matter what genre you write every one pitch in and every one gets the benefits.

  1. What did you do before you became an author? We had a business up until 2010 and I was the Financial officer.

  1. How does it feel to be a published author? To be honest it felt weird to call my self that at first.  Number one I was never one for titles and stuff. Those things just never impress me much. Number two I never thought that this would be the direction my life would take and to own up to that title gives me a responsibility of being the best that I knew I was not. I was a late blossomer and had no formal training in writing. So to call my self that was simply intimidating but I know that if I do not own up to it no one else will take me serious. So at times it feels way cool (as the children would say) but at times it makes me pause and think.

  1. Any advice for struggling writers? Do not allow circumstances or people’s influence to stop you. The lack of money is not as important as writing.  Keep on even when the odds are against you. Try all avenues until you find the one with which you are comfortable with. Simply Write.

  1. Where do you see book publishing heading? There are many debates about this issue currently floating around on the Internet. People who would be able to give clear cut answers better then I will but as a Self Publisher I can only say that I believe self publishing is the future for all writers.  Books are very important; I love books, the smell and the feel of it. There is nothing like it but practicality says that we are messing with earth’s resources and since technology is advancing as we speak lets use the sources offered.  It makes life simpler and when you have to move easier. I know. We moved awhile back. The books alone filled boxes and boxes, so heavy those two men had to carry one box out of the door with great difficulty. I felt so sorry for them, making excuses but there was simply no other way. I also see smaller publishing houses standing up giving more personal attention to the authors. But at the end only time will tell.


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