Saturday, January 18, 2014

Are You Successful?

It seems absurd that some people fear success, but they do.  We are familiar with a fear of failure, which leads people to not even pursue their dreams and desires out of a concern they won’t succeed.    Such a concern leads to what they were trying to avert in the first place.   Is there such a thing as a fear of success?  

Who doesn’t want to be successful?

Well, a burden then exists to maintain the level of success you have achieved.  Then there’s a top-this factor – how you raise the bar for what will define success for you.  Now you will also have to battle a fear of losing what you gained.

So why don’t people pursue what they really want?

·         Some don’t know what they want or they doubt what they think they want
·         Laziness
·         Ignorance
·         Lack of help
·         Suffer a setback
·         Lack a strategy
·         Lack skills
·         Negative influences in their life

Too often people lack motivation, self-confidence, or the energy to grab what they want.  They are immobile and often self-sabotage.  Or worse, they become perfectionists and can’t get to the next step because they are stuck obsessing over something.

Maybe what causes someone not to be successful is he or she has not defined what success looks like.  Everyone needs a measurable goal to shoot for, but if you don’t quantify and qualify what you want, how will you know when you get it?

Some define success by money, so how much will it take to be successful?  Others define success based on the people in their lives, the experiences they had, or the times they got what they wanted in a given moment.  As a writer, success comes in stages: to be published, to be critically acknowledged, to be a best-seller, to be appreciated by readers, to make a difference in the life of another.

However you define success in your life or as a writer, enjoy what you do and share it with others.  Fears aside, you’re bound to feel successful every time you find a way to pursue your dreams. 


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Capturing A Moment Of The Mind
Sometimes I feel like I just want to sketch a nude or a setting or a face.  I don’t paint or draw, but I use my pen to illustrate the world.  I look for the right combination of words to capture feelings and thoughts and to bring to life what may not exist at all. 


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