Monday, February 2, 2015

Be A Better Writer Now

Authors love to write and each of them believe they write well.  No one forced them to write.  They do it out of love or need.  Writing is not a chore for those who write.  Their writing is the end product of who they are – the sum of their life experiences, psychological makeup, philosophical approach to life, and their physical resources.  Most of all, their writing puts forth ideas, views, and information that they believe will do something for or to another person.  Secretly, they hope to use words to change or influence others.  My question or proposition is this: How will you make your writing better in 2015?

Here are 10 ways to raise the quality of your writing:

1.      Write – often and a lot.  Not everything you write is gold, but if you produce enough content, something is bound to rise to the top.

2.      Edit.  Great writing comes when you apply great editing.  Edit yourself first, but then get a second opinion.

3.      Ask readers for feedback and listen to it.  Even if you think they are a bunch of freaking idiots who are too dumb, prejudiced, or jealous to fully appreciate your talented offerings, consider that they may have a point worth examining.  It can’t hurt.

4.      Read more.  Many terrific writers read the works of others to draw inspiration from.

5.      Increase your vocabulary and you will increase the level of your writing.

6.      Experiment with new styles and formats.

7.      Take things to the extreme.  If you write a romance novel, go all the way.  Make the characters not just believable/likeable/interesting – let them be the ultimate at whatever they do.  If they have an affair, make it on top of the Empire State Building, where not only is one’s marriage threatened, but their physical well-being too.  If you write nonfiction, don’t just tell us how to lose weight or make money; tell us an outrageous way to do these things.

8.      Switch genres or subject matter.  You are not married to one thing – go and explore a rich world of people, places, and things.

9.      Shake your life up.  Writing often comes out of your own experiences so if you have more experiences and ones in which new things are tried or crazy stuff happens, all the more fodder for your book.

10.  Write what interests you and what you know best.  You can’t write for others or what they tell you to write on.

Being an author is not a high school student doing a term paper on a designated subject.  You are free to write about anything, anyone, any place, and any idea, in any time period.  Feel liberated to let your writings take you to where you could never be or go.  Write the book you would want to read.

Lastly, to be a better writer, tell others to leave you alone and to give you flexibility in your schedule to write when the need or desire presents itself.  Writers think about writing more than they permit themselves to spend time writing.

Writing can be a therapeutic device.  It can be the great equalizer.  Writing can cure any deficiency and correct a world of wrongs.  It can make us feel that life has meaning, that a victory can be seen in a loss, that a love exists even when surrounded by hatred.  Writing shapes our lives, changes the world, and helps us live through competing ways of seeing things.

Could you be a better writer in 2015?  I have no doubt that you can – and shall – improve as a writer.  Start now.  Write, then write some more, and keep on doing it until writing is your full-time avocation.  Let your passion drive you!


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