Monday, April 6, 2015

17 Book Blogging Tips For Beginners

What should writers do about blogging?  They should use a blog to build their brand, market a book, and get a positive message out there.  Here are 17 things to consider:

1.      Determine which platform you’ll use to blog on.

2.      Figure out how often you plan to blog and create an editorial calendar to plan out your posts.

3.      Think about how you’ll differentiate yourself from other blogs.  As of a year ago, 250 million blogs were in existence – and growing.

4.      Determine the length range of your posts.  Stick to a reasonable word count.

5.      Write what people would want to read, so figure out what they’d want to see.

6.      What will your blogging persona or voice be?

7.      Determine the book or layout of the blog, including typeface, fonts, use of images and color, background, etc.

8.      Learn how to navigate around your blog, including share buttons and widgets.

9.      Alternate different types of posts, including: interviews, reviews, lists, advice, opinion pieces, story-telling, advocacy, educating, making predictions, offering analysis, or doing controversial posts.

10.  Read other blogs to learn something, including:,,,, and

11.  Always create great content and make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog

12.  Avoid obvious mistakes such as violating copyright laws, giving too much information, being sloppy with editing, making it too difficult to read, posting inconsistently, using weak post titles, or coming across as less than genuine.

13.  Guest blog on other sites and welcome guest-bloggers on yours.

14.  Anticipate a reader’s needs and meet them.

15.  Consider running ads on your blog for a fee.  See and

16.  To help your blog look good with images, consult, and 


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