Saturday, April 4, 2015

Why We Blog: My 1500th Blog Post

This is my 1,500th blog post.  Actually, it's a few past that. I write and post at such a prolific pace that I can't keep up with myself.  

If I were to guess, I believe I have published three-quarter million words.  If each blog post averaged 500 words over these past four years, I would have produced the equivalent of at least a dozen books.  I haven’t been paid one cent to blog and chose not to get advertising.  To date, BookMarketingBuzzBlog has been viewed over 566,000 times.  So why do I do it?  Why should you blog?  The answers to these questions will likely overlap.

I blog because it helps me brand myself.  Anyone can see what I’ve written and hopefully come to value the perspective I bring to the discussion of book publishing, book marketing, writing, free speech, literacy, cultural trends, and book publicity. The blog helps form a positive image of someone with experience, ideas, and passion.

I blog because I hope it attracts new business to the public relations firm that I work for.

I blog because I like to give back and help others.  I am a teacher and therapist at heart and I understand the challenges, fears, and needs of aspiring writers, struggling authors, publishers, and all those who make up the realm of mass media.

I blog as a therapeutic tool, to release my emotions and give voice to my life.

I blog in hopes of lobbying and influencing others, even changing policies, procedures, and patterns that individuals and institutions blindly follow or enforce.

I blog to highlight things that need a spotlight – both the very bad and very good.  I’m not a journalist or a member of the media but I do like to serve as a watchdog over the public domain of news.

I blog about books because I love the written word and cherish it with all my heart.

I find writing my blog keeps me grounded and focused.  I never feel a slave to it when it comes to the writing part.  But I do wish I could stop myself from spending an hour each day marketing it.  That time could be better used to serve a for-profit venture.  But what’s the point in writing a blog that no one reads?  If you value the words you pen you need to put in the time, effort, and resources to get them exposure.

I would think my readership understands what’s involved in publishing a daily blog, and I assume they are appreciative of it, but I don’t hear from the vast majority of readers.  I don’t get more than five responses a day – and some are just spam posts placed in the comments section.  But I do this for my own reward and it’s something I choose to do and don’t feel obligated to do.

Who knows where the next 1,500 posts take me, but I’m glad you’re along for the ride. Please live the blog – then share it with others.


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