Thursday, April 30, 2015

Asking For Help Sells Books!

We all would benefit from getting help in any aspect of our life, but it’s especially true when it comes to writing, publishing, marketing, and promoting our books.  In fact, just the act of asking for help would greatly assist us, as it forces us to (a) admit we need help and begin the process of seeking an answer, and (b) allows us to examine alternate methods and possibilities that we previously dismissed or failed to explore.

To peer into how the world of help works, let’s identify the relevant questions:
·         Whom should you ask for help?
·         What should you ask for?
·         How often should you ask for assistance?
·         What type of help should you expect to receive?
·         How shall you return the favor to those who help?

When asking for help, ideally you’d ask people whpm you believe are in a position to help you.  They may be smart or have specialized knowledge.  They may have money or access to other connections who can help you.  They may have experience in the specific area that you need help in.  But anyone can be helpful.  You just need to be open to asking anyone and then use your filter to figure out which responses are truly helpful.

You should ask people their opinions, even on things you’ve made your mind up, just to see how they answer and to discern their overall usefulness – or to see if they surprise you with an idea or source of motivation that you didn’t expect.

Be willing to ask for something, depending on what you need.  After opinions and ideas, people can give you things, resources, and funds.  You never know what people will give you.  They can always say no, but that’s not a loss – and they could say yes, and that’s a bonus!  Often, the best one can do is give you psychological support and then lead you to other helpful people.  When money comes your way – whether as loan, investment or gift (if you need some); that would be the jackpot.

You should be willing to ask many for help and appear open to hearing from everyone, but don’t go to the well too often.  People get annoyed if all you do is ask them for things.

To accept help of any kind, you need to be of the frame of mind to accept it.  Don’t criticize the one who helps you, never turn down one’s help, always act delighted to get their input and assistance, and send thank yous their way.  Be prepared to repay the favor of those who help you and do so gladly.

There’s no limit to how much help one needs nor of what one can receive nor of what one is willing to give.  Asking for help should be part of your strategic business plan.

What could an author ask for from others?  Oh my, the list is never-ending.  Authors need help with everything!  Start small and ask for people to connect with you via social media.  Ask friends and family to introduce you to people who can help you.  Ask for people to buy books, to sell books for you, and to help you increase your brand.

When asking for help, employ alternate styles.  For some, they will appreciate you coming to them and will want to mentor you.  For others, appeal to them out of desperation.  For some, if you approach them in a tit for tat style, they’ll agree to help you in exchange for something.

Let me be the first to ask for help.  Please share my blog with other people.  You not only help them but you build up my readership and make me feel great.

Now, what can I do for you?  What can others do for you? What can you do for others?

Start asking, receiving, and giving.  It’s a wonderful cycle.

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