Monday, May 25, 2015

Drink Up At The Book Crawl

I’m always thinking of ways books can be sold everywhere.  Books, though a part of our culture, need to remain an institution and need to grow beyond their current reach.  Here are a few suggestions:

1. Book Crawl
Like a pub crawl, where people pay one price and go from bar to bar for a designated period of time and have a drink at each place, let’s do a book crawl, where at a set number of locations there’s an author at each spot.  People go and meet with each author.

2. Speed Book
Like speed dating, where singles gather to grill one another in intervals of five intense minutes at a time, gather up book lovers who are single and have them discuss themselves and the books they enjoy.

3. Book Draft House
Why not have a restaurant with books in it?  Call it Books & Bites.  You buy a book to read with your meal if you dine solo, and if you are with others you can eat and discuss a book like a book club.  There are movie theaters that serve dinner or lunch, so why not a bookstore that does the same – and not just sells coffee to people who want to camp out and do work?

4. Themed Night Outs
A business that wants to get more attention for itself can hold an event that involves a book.  Let’s say you run a gym.  Why not have an author come to discuss diet, health and fitness?  If you are a bank, have an author talk about personal finance.  If you are a big clothing store, have an author speak about fashion trends or the history of shoes.  Their events can be done during store hours to get more shoppers in, or, if space is an issue, hold the event after hours and introduce people to your store with a tour.

5. Forget Apple Pie.  How About A Book With That?
Stores always look to upsell you.  Would you like an accessory to go with that item?  Shall you get the extended warranty?  Would you like dessert with that meal?  Let’s add a book to the equation.  No matter what product you sell or service you provide, you can always offer a book to go with it.

6. Put the Book Into Facebook!
What’s the most famous book aside from The Bible?  Facebook!  Every profile should list a favorite book and everyday, people should post at least one comment that relates to books.

There are many ways to increase exposure for books.  Every additional sales point or conversation that highlights books is not only helpful to the book industry, but it’s great for society.  

Where else would you put books?

Writers, please never violate these three rules!

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