Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tweetable Advice on Guerrilla Social Media Marketing

I came across a five-year-old book that amazingly still seemed relevant today.  Normally, a book that’s a few years old is not outdated, especially if it’s on a subject like improving relationships or how to build a birdcage, but when it comes to marketing or social media, almost all books are in need of refreshing upon the date they are published.  But Guerrilla Social Media Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shane Gibson offers a lot of useful advice and resources.

I was particularly entertained by their chapter called 107 Social Media Tweets, which was filled by Twitter-size statements about social media marketing.  Here are 11 such tweetable tips:

#5 Contrast keeps people interested.  With your blog and Twitter content vary tempo, topic, and format.

#9 Stay curious and you will stay current.

#16 Improve the way you use five tools 10 percent each. Cumulatively it will have a big effect.

#37 Being a thought leader is just is just as much about selfless contribution as it is about unique dialogue.

#58 Worry less about selling and more about connecting and rapport.

#76 Constantly look for ways to contribute, and you will never run out of marketing leverage.

#107 Think twice, click once.

#102 Social media is 90% contribution and connection, 10% marketing and sales.

#103 Social media belongs to the people.  They get to make the rules, not the marketer.

#19 The best medium is the one your customer likes.  Use multiple media.

#24 Social media works better when it’s incorporated holistically with your entire set of marketing tools.

The book contains checklists, trips and strategies, and identifies over 100 sites or tools to use.  It said it best on page 174: “Guerilla social media marketing is both a strategy and a way of thinking and living virtual lives.  It’s about applying time – tested principles of community building, relationship development, innovation, and imagination to the lightning-fast world of digital social networks.  As we have said earlier, a guerrilla social media marketing attack has a beginning, a middle, but no end.  You need to sustain the attack for one year or even longer before you reap the full benefits.”

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