Monday, May 11, 2015

How To Turn A Yes Into Something More

What do you do when someone says “yes” to whatever you asked them to do?

Say “thank you” and move on?

No way.  A yes is an invitation to ask for more.

Let’s say you are selling your book at an event and someone agrees to buy your book.  Nice to get a sale, right, but shouldn’t that ice cream be topped off with a cherry and some chocolate syrup?

Try to convince the person to buy another copy as a gift for someone.  Perhaps as you get talking to the consumer, you can ask questions that will help you understand if they are in a position to buy more copies.  Are they part of a book club or do they work for a large organization that might like the book?  Do they know others whom they can tell about the book?

One thing you want is for people to sign up for your blog or newsletter, and to follow you on Twitter, connect on Facebook and visit your site.  You want to establish a long-term relationship with others.

Get the idea?  You may be happy you got a sale, but the real selling comes when trying to parlay the transaction into something bigger.

In order to get more, be persistent and always ask for more.  Some things happen accidentally or coincidentally, but you can always make things happen when you initiate contact with others.  Your odds of success increase with the level of quality attached to your outreach.

Let’s move on from sales.  Let’s say someone agrees to follow or connect with you on social media.  Great.  Now convert that into something better. What’s better than someone connect to you on Facebook?  Someone who “likes” you.  Someone who tells others to connect with you.  Someone who buys your book.  Someone who elevates the connection so that now he or she is tweeting about you or reviewing your book for their blog.

When you get a “yes,” you are happy and satisfied for the moment, but every yes could be much more than what it is.  In fact, whether someone says yes or no, it doesn’t matter.  You just keep asking for more.  You hope that you’ll say, offer, or do something that gets their attention and incentivizes them to take an actionable step that’s favorable to your situation. Hopefully you will get what you want -- then ask for more!

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