Sunday, May 3, 2015

In The Hierarchy Of Things, What Is Most Important?

Is it our actions and the physical world we live in?
Is it the financial world that we live in?
Is it the psychological one?
How about the imagined one?

Where do spoken and written words fit in to all of this?

Certainly, action trumps all and inactions -- intentional, accidental or unknowingly -- are to be given a priority over words spoken, written or merely thought of or read. What of our willful fantasies or our subconscious dreams? Where does all of this fit in?

The written and published word is reality-defining for the writer. That is the medium of his or her existence, his oxygen, his water, his land. To the writer, words speak louder than actions.

The written word holds us accountable and forces us to examine behavior, our strategy, our thinking. It highlights and isolates the moments, events, and people that need a bit more scrutiny. The written word confronts the reader and causes him or her to reflect, to question, to search a little deeper than he would otherwise.

Actions can be permanent, such as death, but words can be reversed, tempered, even erased. Words may goad action or inspire activities, but the word is not owned if it is unread,misunderstood or disagreed with.

Is the pen mightier than the sword? How many people can the sword claim? How many words does it take to claim a person?

We choose what is most important. For me, I choose words over people, ideas over actions, and writing over reading.

What is your hierarchy?


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