Saturday, September 3, 2016

Almanacs Turn Past 200 Years

It’s amazing how long some books have been around.  No, I’m not talking about The Bible, the dictionary, or Romeo and Juliet, but about The Farmer’s Almanac and The Old Farmers’ Almanac.  Both celebrate publishing milestones this year.

The Farmers’ Almanac is based out of Maine.  The 2017 edition, released just now, celebrates its bicentennial.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac, based out of New Hampshire, is up to its 225th year.

Though many generations have bought or at least heard of these almanacs, few own them today.  They used to be consulted for important weather forecasts that could dictate farming patterns and preparations.  They also include tide tables and other information relevant to some.

Perhaps the best part of The Farmer’s Almanac is that it always included recommendations to people.  For instance, in the early 1800’s it recommended abstention from tobacco and butter for health reasons.  In 1869, it advised readers to live in the sunniest room of one’s home.  In 1876, it recommended girls practice a “wholesome indifference towards suitors.”  This year’s new edition features a 16-page section highlighting its forward-thinking advice from the past two centuries.

What might these almanacs advise us on the future?  Here are some suggestions:

·         Deal with climate change now -- before the world ends.
·         Trump may be bad for your health.
·         The Internet may do more harm than good -- use in moderation.
·         Play coy with your one-night stands that you find online.
·         Driverless cars may still need drivers.
·         Visit bookstores before they become extinct.
·         Get a dog -- it will make you happier and healthier.
·         Take a book wherever you go.
·         Eat chocolate, drink coffee, consume popcorn.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the almanac can just tell us how to live, warn us of bad things and inform us of all things to come regarding weather, the environment, and nature.  Could the almanac predict Zika or tell us at what point we shouldn’t drink the water?  Humans can alter what may eventually need to be reported in an almanac. – it’s up to us to steward the earth in a responsible way.

Even if you don’t plan to farm or go boating, check out the new almanacs.  Who knows – you may just embrace some useful advice or information.

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