Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Are You A Writer Who Thinks Big -- Really Big?

Some writers truly believe in their work and want to make a big splash.  They are willing to invest at a great cost – in time, money or resources – in order to do whatever it takes to break through the clutter and help them jump rungs in the ladder to the top?

Writers looking to create a name for themselves will:

1.      Orchestrate a best-seller campaign through pre-paid sales to friends.

2.      Pay for tons of social media followers.

3.      Go crazy with paid advertisements in high-profile media outlets.

4.      Take a huge, multi-city road tour with appearances in a dozen or more cities.

5.      Mail free copies of the book to influencers.

6.      Give out free digital copies to thousands of people.

7.      Invest in a strong public relations campaign.

8.      Extend into a sponsorship deal.

9.      Develop a relationship with partnerships to market the book.

10.  Create affiliate sales networks with generous commissions.

With unlimited resources -- and an uncontrolled willingness to use them - writers can pursue endless acts, stunts, and events to get greater exposure for their brand and book. For them, the pay-off goes beyond the sale of a book and extends to other potential benefits.  Marketing and promoting a book can lead the political or social change.  It can lead to paid speaking gigs, consulting deals, or even offers to host a T.V. show.  Amazing things can happen when your visibility gets high.

So what can and should you do when you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around?

You certainly can employ some of the above strategies, just at a scaled down version.  Do four of those things, instead of all 10.  Do them on a smaller budget as well.

Some of what you choose to do will be based on your perception or estimate of what the return on investment will be. You also have to determine how much risk you are willing to take. Ask yourself if you’re willing to borrow or go into debt for this.  It’s gambling and casinos always say you should bet only what you can afford to lose.

But let’s dream big for a moment.  You think you’re book is great and will sell if people just learn about it.  You also believe if you gain enough fame, the payoff will come from getting hired or paid to do other things, such as consult. How do you test that thinking?  How can you be certain that if you spend 40,000 bucks you’ll make it back in book sales and additional benefits?

Many writers dream big, but fail to act big. They have hopes and dreams – but lack the resources, guts or vision to truly take their book to a whole new level.  The writer who wants to break through can always do the things that the big boys/girls do, namely spend lavishly on marketing, so what stops you from doing it?

·         Do you not believe it’ll work?
·         Do you not have access, even through a loan, to the funds?
·         Do you simply not know where to properly spend the funds?

If you dream big, you must act big.  But before you can commit funds to anything, research what’s possible.  Determine, with hard facts and evidence, why, what you propose to do, should work.  Then hedge your bets.  

Get an investor to kick in some money.  You may give away some of the profits but you also insulate against the potential downside.  Or don’t get an investor.  They are greedy and demanding.  Go into this so that it’s all or nothing – either your heart and mind tell you it will work or it won’t.

We hedge, question, fear, and doubt way too much.  We’re all guilty of it.  At some point, each of us has to take a stand – one from facts; ideas, emotion, vision, energy – and just go for it.  Go big or go home – and stop deliberating in your head about what to do.

By the way, if you make it big, I want to hear about it.  If you fall short, know that you tried.  It’s better to pursue your dream than to just keep dreaming.

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