Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Didn’t Sleep With Brad Pitt!

I feel it necessary to publicly announce at this very moment that I did not sleep, nor will I ever sleep, with Brad Pitt.  I will have no other comments at this time and ask that out of respect for my family that you honor my request for privacy.

For the record, I don’t believe my news shocks anyone.  I’m married with kids and neither Pitt nor I share a sexual attraction to one another or other guys.  But I’m also sure that because I write about Brad Pitt more people will read this than they normally would read my blog.

I’m delighted to use any trick to get more readers. Maybe next week I just make up a rumor about J.K. Rowling.  But it’s also sad commentary on the state of the news media, social media, and the gullible public. We are a TMZ-People-Enquirer nation.  We want celebrity gossip and are willing to believe anything because it seems like anything’s possible when it comes to the rich, famous, and beautiful.

Also for the record, I couldn’t give a crap about Brad Pitt’s personal life nor his acting career.  Same goes for Angelina Jolie.  Now, if you have some revealing photos of Emily Ratajkowski, I’ll take a look.  She’s smoking HOT, even if her body’s been assembled in six different warehouses.  But as gorgeous as she is, I don’t care to know anything about her.  I wouldn’t believe what’s said about her and wouldn’t care about the confirmed truth.  She’s not in my circle of reality.

But all of the media attention that’s going to the breakup of the year – if not the decade – is unwarranted.  Don’t we have 20 or 200 things that are more important, interesting, or useful to our lives that deserve attention and public debate?  Or is it because so many other things need to be addressed that we find it easier to get distracted by the ruined lives of two people who seemingly had it all – fame, fortune, beauty, hot spouse, and great career?  We would rather be a voyeur to those people and to celebrate their misery than to live our own lives with success and fulfillment.

If you want to promote your book, you need to tie into the news cycle of the day, and tap into the mentality that drives the news media.  Take anything you want to say and express it through a Bradgelina filter.  Try it:

How to avoid a bad break-up like Brad-Angelina.

Divorce Law:
When should a dad let his ex-wife keep the kids?  Why should Brad give Angelina his kids?

Could two competing spouses in the same industry hurt a marriage?  Would Brad and Angelina still be together if they didn’t work in Hollywood?

What will Brad & Angelina want from one another at the bank?

Why do spouses cheat on gorgeous spouses?  5 Reasons why Brad cheated on Angelina?

Real Estate
Where should a divorced, wealthy bachelor live?  Will Brad Pitt move far away from home?

Get the idea?  It’s six degrees of Brad-Angelina. Express your media pitch based on their breakup.  I don’t care if your book is about dieting.  Try this:  Did Angelina get too fat for Brad?  How to workout and save your marriage.  Is your book about skin care and looking younger? Why Angelina wasn't pretty enough for Brad:  How to look younger to keep your man. Maybe you wrote about parenting, cooking, or barbecuing.  It doesn’t matter.  Express your pitch in a Brad-Angelina framing and you’ll get some attention.

Now, you can’t just have a headline that lures one in and the rest of the pitch fails to link to Brad-Angelina, so be sure to carry through on your theme.  Express your pitch with bullet points that relate to them.

Nothing comes to mind when I think of the movies these two made.  Did they really make such amazing movies?  Even if they did make terrific movies, why must the media waste endless time by focusing our attention on their personal lives?  It’s not even shocking news.  It’s a bigger shock to see a Hollywood marriage last.

So my recommendation to get media attention is to say something -- anything -- even a rumor or the faux denial of one – that mentions either Pitt or Jolie.  That’s all that it takes.  Don’t waste anyone’s time telling us about a cure for cancer, how to make millions, or what meaning of life you discovered.  Just tell me something about the power couple that’s no more.

I guess I should also deny having slept with Angelina Jolie, but why make two announcements in one blog with I can circulate that message next week?

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