Sunday, September 4, 2016

Is Facebook Still Key To Author PR?

While I sat on a panel about book publicity at Thrillerfest this summer, an audience member asked if Twitter is still relevant for authors, given that Twitter doesn’t seem to know how to commoditize, its own assets.  The answer is unequivocally, yes.  With Facebook, some people say FB is no longer growing (not true) and that it’s not so relevant for authors.  Also, not true.

Can you promote a book without both FB and Twitter – or without one of them?  Yes, but not as well if you were to take advantage of these social media leaders.  There’s a huge, global audience that’s reachable for free.  How do you just snub your nose at it?

Sure, it takes knowledge and tons of time to properly use them but the payoff can be significant.

Pew Research Center released a report in 2015 showing that 72% of all US Internet users are on FB – and the majority of America is online.  The percentage of users increases by age – 48% of 65+ use FB.  64% of 50-64 do as well.  79% of 30-49 and 82% of 18-29 use it.  How often they use it, how much time is spent during each visit, and the level of interaction or usage is key as well.

FB can be useful to writers who want to build a platform and following, so that these become customers for their next book, or even better, their advocates (those who tell these followers about you and your book).

The problem is there’s a lot a clutter online.  All of these free posts and people are too cheap or pooped to buy books. We spend a lot of time online. 21% in a Gallup Poll say they are “online almost constantly.”  Will they buy and read books? 

You also have 21% who say they speak a language other than English at home.  Will they buy books?

It really isn’t a question – for writers – as to whether you should be on FB.  The question is how will you use it and how often?

FB can be used to build connections, share information, exchange ideas, conduct research, and become aware of successful, approaches by other writers.  

No more excuses or delays – get online with FB – or be prepared to go to the back of a very long line of unsuccessful authors.

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