Monday, September 19, 2016

How To ReachTthe Media That Ignores You -- Without Getting Arrested

To get media coverage for your book you know you need certain elements to be in play – a well-written pitch, targeted media lists, relevant credentials for the author, relevance to the news cycle -- and luck.  You would think that you also need a great book, but if you can’t get the media to look at the book, it doesn’t matter.  But of all the things that you will need to successfully earn media exposure for your book is the ability to reach the media in the first place.  

If you can’t get ahold of producers, editors, reviewers, and podcasters to just tell them about yourself and your book, you can’t go any further.  It doesn’t matter if you can cure cancer or solve world hunger, the message goes nowhere if you can’t contact the media and begin a dialogue.

So how do you track down the media?

First, you need to make up a list of targeted media outlets.  Think about all types of media – TV, print, online, and radio.  Social media, too.  Think locally, nationally, even internationally.  Think of multiple people to contact at each outlet.

Second, seek detailed and updated contact information on these people so that you can reach them in a multitude of ways – mail, email, phone.  Try all avenues.

Third, see if you can find them via Twitter or other messaging services.

Fourth, stalk and snoop a little further.  Do you know if these people will be appearing somewhere?  Can you find a way to meet them in person?

Fifth, are there backdoor channels to run through?  Do you – or those you know – have a connection to the person you seek to reach?  Can your aunt’s friend get it to the gardener of the journalist you seek?  Can your kid’s friend’s dad send a note to his old college roommate who now writes for a newspaper?

Sixth, can you simply cause a stir online that goes viral and serves as an introduction to key media people?

You need to think assertively, aggressively and differently.  Being polite or waiting for others to get back to you won’t work in the pushy world of PR.  You need to think of creative ways to reach those that you hope to impress.

You don’t want to do anything weird or criminal, but wouldn’t it be kind of cool if you, say had a book about relationships and decided to send a copy of the book with a dozen roses to a TV producer?  Or would it be kind of cool if you did a stunt outside the building of a media company?  

Near my office is Bloomberg Media and many of the producers and writers go to a Starbucks next to the building.  Would this be the place to hand out your press release if you thought your book and message truly warranted their attention?

Don’t hack the media and blackmail them for coverage.  Don’t hurt anyone or yourself in hopes of getting attention.  Yes, some things are off limits, but short of them, be prepared to find new ways to reach the conduits to the media.

Good luck!

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