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Here’s How To Help Your Book Publicist Promote You

If you are working with a book promoter, whether it is one you hired or that comes from your publisher, you want to maximize how you work with them. The first thing you should do is speak with him or her so they can understand your goals, needs, and expectations -- and to share with this person what you are all about.  

Below is a questionnaire that I send all of my author clients so that they can provide me with what I need to frame a good conversation with them. You may want to use this as a model for what you should be providing your publicist. And if the publicist doesn’t ask you for these things, run the other way, because he or she can’t promote someone they don’t know well and haven’t invested their time in.

Your Contact Information
  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Home No:
  • Cell No:
  • Work No:
  • Fax:
  • Website:
  • e-mail address:
  • Assistant’s name/contact info (if applicable)

Your PR History

  • Are you working with any other marketers or publicists? If so, whom?
  • Did you ever seek publicity in the past?
  • If so, what did you promote? When did you promote it?
  • Can you share with us clips of articles or video clips of interviews?
  • Please provide us with a list of news media you’ve done in the past?
  • Can you kindly forward to us any pitch letters or press kits that were used to promote you?

Marketing Your Message

  • What are the essential (three to five), key points you want to make clear about your book?
  • If you were given an opportunity to guest-post about 4 different topics that relate to your book, area of expertise, experiences, or what is in the news these days, what would those topics be?
  • What essentially is unique, new or different or better about you and your book than your competitors?
  • What are the targeted demographics of the market or audience you want to hit?
  • What type of marketing strategy do you have planned?
  • Are there any honorary dates/anniversaries/holidays that tie-in to what you’re promoting?
  • What are your news media goals? What do you hope to accomplish?

If We’re Promoting A Book, Please Provide Us With

  • Endorsements or testimonials
  • Sample Chapters and Table of Contents -- or the galley/manuscript
  • Tell us who the competition/comparable titles are
  • A copy of your book proposal
  • The catalog copy or “tip sheet copy” your publisher may have created
  • The name of your literary agent and contact info – if you used one
  • The name of the publicity contact at your publisher or distributor – if you have one
  • A list of names of other books you have published

Your Background
  • Please send us your resume/cv/bio. What is your current job/position?
  • Group Affiliations -- are there any organizations, associations, clubs, etc., through which we can publicize your book?
  • Please provide a list of your top 10-15 best-known or respected clients if you are a consultant, executive, leader, or business owner.
  • How often do you travel? To what cities? Any plans in the next three to six months to travel? If so, to where? What do you plan on doing on your trips?

Industry Related

  • Tell us which newsletters or publications you subscribe to or read that are related to your industry or area of expertise.
  • Tell us which Web sites you like to visit that are related your industry or area of expertise.
  • Do you have a newsletter? If so, please send us a sample. To whom do you send it out – to how many people? How often is it sent? Describe what type of reader receives it.
  • Do you conduct seminars, workshops or speeches? If so, what’s your schedule like for the next six months. Where have you spoken in the past year? (Please list the names of the events/organizations).


  • Do you have any influential friends or contacts in your industry or area of expertise? If so, please identify by name and organization.
  • Do you have any news media connections? If so, please name them.
  • Who or what type of organization would you like to network with or partner with?
  • Please share the names of any famous relatives, ancestors or friends.
  • Are you listed anywhere – i.e.: reference listings (e.g., "Who’s Who", "Twentieth Century Authors")?
  • What social media sites are you registered with – what are your handles or addresses for each - -how many connections or followers do you have on each, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest – or others?

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