Monday, October 10, 2016

Writers Need These 10 Resolutions For The New Year -- In October

I, along with millions of others Jews, celebrated the Jewish New Year. They are up to 5777, though science has shown that the planet is billions of years old and human history extends into millions of years.  I didn’t make any resolutions, but it occurred to me that some people did – or should have. 

We all need to set goals, commit to them, reevaluate progress over time and then seek renewed efforts to fulfill our promises. If one sets resolutions in early October they likely will break them by January 1. Then they can go set 2017 New Year’s resolutions. 

In February, for the Chinese New Year, one can again make vows of change. We can just keep trying throughout the year to stick to our goals and promises.

What could writers vow to do better, more or less of, differently – or start fresh?  Here are some New Year’s resolutions that could await you:

1.      A promise to be better at making time available to write more.

2.      A commitment to become a better writer, through trainings, practice, or other means.

3.      A vow to let others improve your content by editing your writings.

4.      A promise to take an honest look at your writing career, and to assess what needs improvement – and to make a plan of action.

5.      A commitment to read the books of others and learn from other writers – not envy them.

6.      To commit to marketing and promoting your book or hiring someone to do so.

7.      To promise to work at social media and investing time and resources to build your brand online.

8.      A vow to seek to publish your writing, whether it means getting a literary agent, contacting publishers or pursuing self-publishing.

9.      To promise to write books that help, educate, inspire, motivate, and/or entertain readers.

10.  To vow not to plagiarize, violate copyright laws, pirate, or diminish the creative works of others.

You may want to add to the list.  That’s fine.  Set your own resolutions and do your best to pursue them.  It’s never too late nor too often to set goals and turn your dreams and hopes into a wonderful reality.

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