Friday, October 21, 2016

Interview with author Marchela Wells

1. What inspired you to write your book?  In the past I have written only short stories. One day, I began typing this story and as the hours went by it began to grow. When it reached over 50K words I knew it was no longer a short story. When it reached 80K I knew that it was a novel. The characters seemed to explode from my fingers, the actions they took came from out of the blue. I fell in love with them, felt their pain, felt their love, felt the danger that they experienced. I worked and polished until it reached around 120K words. but still there was no end. The idea for a sequel formed in my mind. That novel came out even faster, although it was some 130K words and over 700 pages. A final novel was born in my mind and is at 50k words and growing.

2. What is it about?  This story is about a young girl, brutally assaulted when she is but a sophomore in high school. Psychologically damaged by that event, she loses her Faith, her friends and fears all encounters with boys as she struggles to overcome that trauma. She faces the taunts of her friends as she becomes pregnant, has to change schools. Gives the baby up for adoption as she has no way to care for it. Finding strength from within, she focuses her life on achieving new dreams. She graduates 2nd in her class at college. The boys are sent to prison. She receives a $20 million dollar civil award for the assault, but lets it languish in bank accounts where it grows over the years from investments. At age 29 her parents are killed in a plane crash from which she is awarded another $30 million judgement. That money joins her other funds. It is blood money for her parents' lives. She can't touch it. She finds a job as an Executive Assistant at a large real estate firm. She excels in the work and one day is given the opportunity to come up with plans to add working space for a new division of the company, as VP over a new division that she has worked almost exclusively to win an important contract for her company.
The plans must be reviewed with the construction manager of the new office tower home office her company is having built. This meeting turns out to be the turning point in her life as she meets with a man who brings something in to her life that she has never known: Love. But on this same day the boys, now men, who had assaulted her years before, have been released from prison. She must find the means to defend herself, and her new love, from the evil plans that they have spent years in developing of depriving her of her love, her happiness and her life.

3. What do you hope will be the everlasting thoughts for readers who finish your book? The object of the novel is to show, through the heroine's eyes that no matter what has happened, there is a way back to happiness and Faith in God.  Trust in Him and all will be well.

4. What advice do you have for writers?   Writing is easy.  Typing 'The End' is only the beginning.  Today's world requires Marketing and advertising skills, a boatload of followers and a means to get the message out to others that you have something that might be of value to them. Publishing and letting the world know of your work is a non-stop effort.

5. Where do you think the book publishing industry is heading?   Today, nearly all books are Print-on-Demand. No longer are warehouses full of books printed and stored. Digital production of books means that many people will never actually see your book on paper, but will read it on-line, on a hand held notebook, etc. Getting the word out, getting people to read and provide 'reader's reviews' at places like or are vital, but almost like pulling hens' teeth. 

6. What challenges did you have in writing your book? The greatest challenge was finding the time. Daily chores, interruptions, phone calls, everything conspires to take your time and thoughts away from the creative process. Maybe stow away on a distant island and block out the world. But then, the world is what gives you ideas. So simply bone-headed perseverance will be the only thing that gets you through to the end. Then Polish, Polish, Polish. Fix all grammar, spelling and punctuation errors that you can find. Locate someone who will read your story and give you honest feedback. Take the criticism and fix the issues.

7. If people can only buy one book this month, why should it be yours? Inspiration. My novel is one that delivers a message of hope after disaster. Imagine yourself, a young girl, on the verge of life. Age 16, everything going for you. You're a popular kid in school, a cheerleader for your school. Suddenly after a violent assault you must face grown up life before you're ready. You're pregnant, no way to care for an infant. Your friends at school taunt and tease you. Closed stall doors in the restroom strike terror in your heart as the memories of those boys jumping out and grabbing you pour into your mind. Then the money comes, but if you spend it, wouldn't that be 'like a whore taking money for turning a trick?' Your life in in Ashes. Destroyed before it has really begun. How will you ever find a man who could love someone like you, damaged, unclean. 10 years later your parents are killed in a tragic airplane crash. More money comes flowing in from civil lawsuits. But you are now truly all alone. An orphan in the world, where men control your life. Taking what they want, leaving you in tears. Is there no one who can restore her to her rightful place in life. No one who can bring happiness to her soul? More years pass until, after nearly all hope is gone, at age 33 a miracle comes into your life.
Find the answer to that in this exciting Adult Romance/Thriller as Tina McIntyre's life takes a turn for the better when she meets Clifford Stinson, a man attending a routine business luncheon, instead finding the woman of his dreams.

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