Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How Big Book Marketing Comes From Small Things

It’s the little things that matter most.

This axiom is true in our personal relationships, the business world, and in the way we approach life.  It’s especially true when it comes to how you go about your book marketing efforts. To execute your book publicity plan, pay attention to details and do the little, seemingly insignificant things that could end up actually making a big difference.

For instance, if you do a physical mailing to a group of media outlets seeking media coverage, or organizations seeking speaking engagements, make sure you:

·         Include a handwritten note.
·         Use a postage stamp that reflects a related image and not just a standard one showing the flag.
·         Use attractive stationery and envelopes.
·         Be sure that you inserted everyone’s respective titles on the address, including job position, full names with correct spellings, ID them as Mr., Mrs., Ms. and be sure to double-check floor or suite numbers.
·         Use blue ink to sign your letters so it doesn’t look like a mass printing.
·         Include a business card on nice paper stock.
·         Where possible, personalize and customize your letter or message.
·         Make sure that your materials are complete and up-to-date.

Another example of small stuff that counts in a big way is to be sure to follow-up with people in a timely fashion.  Be on time for all calls or meetings and confirm the day before for any scheduled interactions.  Be sure to do what you say you will do – and only say what you are truly capable of doing.

Be a listener first, a talker second.  Be polite and respectful, but don’t be shy.  Assert yourself.

Find a way to give something to another early on, whether it’s the sharing of an idea, an introduction, to a connection, or a free resource.  Be generous with your time early on and it’ll get repaid tenfold.

Be curious and show an interest in others simply by asking questions.

Look for common ground with those you meet and find ways to befriend those whom appear genuine.

Do your homework.  Research the people you plan to contact, meet, or connect with.  You don’t want to sound ignorant, disinterested, or lazy.

Be prepared to share your goals, visions, and unique selling position.  Call it your elevator speech.

You just never know whom you might meet.

Keep your social media updated, consistent, and truly reflective of your brand.  Don’t go through a lot of effort to build yourself up only to blow it by posting inappropriate images or comments online.  When in doubt, don’t post!

Lastly, always see an opportunity in every situation, even when things go wrong or you have to deal with a nasty person.  Sometimes it is in challenging, stressful or negative circumstances that our greatest opportunities present themselves.

Treasure the small things – they can lead to big things in life and when promoting yourself or marketing a book.

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