Thursday, May 4, 2017

Should Authors Use Twitter Or Facebook?

This is a loaded question.  It is not necessarily one vs. the other, though an author doesn’t have endless hours to be active on every social media outlet, and there are many to choose from including: Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Linked In, etc.

Maybe the first question writers must confront is:  Should I be on any social media sites?

Then it is,  Which ones? Should determine they need or want to be on at least one such site.

In the end, an author has to determine an overall branding strategy – and determine how much time or resources will be devoted to each of the things they could be doing, including:

·         Social media
·         Traditional media
·         Blogging
·         Podcasting
·         Video broadcasting
·         Seminars
·         Webinars
·         Mass mailings
·         Telemarketing
·         Event appearances
·         Advertising

Inevitably, it can come down to choosing Facebook vs. Twitter.  So, which one should an author choose?

The first answer is both, but one will need to determine if one gets a lot more more of their time than the other.

The second answer is to completely immerse yourself in one of them and ignoring each other, though it seems like they work hand in hand with each other.

The choice comes down to:

·         Which platform does the writer find to be easier and more fun to use?

·         Which one leads to more book sales and allows for the building of a bigger, more meaningful network or following?

·         What do the writer’s readers and fans prefer as a place to communicate and take in information?

The statistics show that Facebook is way bigger and faster-growing than Twitter:

·         72% of adult Internet users are on Facebook; only 23% are on Twitter.

·         Only 1 in 9 online adults 50 and older use Twitter.

·         FB has 1.13 billion daily active users; Twitter only has 313 million monthly users.

·         FB has the most engaged users – 70% log on daily, including 43% who do so several times a day.

Whether you choose FB, Twitter, or other platforms – or a combination of several of them – or none at all, the key to building an author brand is to find the marketing vehicles that works best for you.

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